CodyCross Under The Sea Group 40 Puzzle 5 Answers

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CodyCross Under The Sea Group 40 Puzzle 5 Answers, cheats and solutions. Hello everyone. A new game that is developed by Fanatee who is also known for creating the popular games like Letter Zap and Letroca Word Race. The concept of the game is very interesting as Cody has landed on planet Earth and needs your help to cross while discovering mysteries. Just Simply start completing the crossword puzzles by finding all the words and even one that is vertically revealed. As you find new word the letters will start popping up to help you find the the rest of the words. You can get Cody Cross only on iOS at the moment. We have finished solving all the CodyCross Under The Sea Group 38 Answers, cheats and solutions for all crossword puzzles and will provide you all the answers when you get stuck.

Please make sure to check all the puzzles below and try to match with your correct level. If you still can’t figure it out please comment below and will try to help you out.

CodyCross Under The Sea Group 40 Puzzle 5 Answers

They eat just about anything:  OMNIVORES

Anti-__ drugs to help control blood sugar:  DIABETICS

Idiomatic expression regarding oceans:  SEVENSEAS

A person who gives information on TV or radio:  ANNOUNCER

Formal agreement to stop fighting:  ARMISTICE

Marine transparent and with stinging tentacles:  JELLYFISH

A hit by The Beatles:  OHDARLING

Pain in the hands and feet only:  ACRODYNIA

A three-dimensional work of art:  SCULPTURE

Street food vehicle:  FOODTRUCK

“Not the baby” 90s prehistoric sitcom”:  DINOSAURS

Economic system where power is in the hands of few:  OLIGOPOLY

A high-brow word for whiskers:  VIBRISSAE

Socialist country home to massive oil reserves:  VENEZUELA

Wrote one of the Great American Novels:  MARKTWAIN

A Woody Allen film starring Diane Keaton:  MANHATTAN

Leviathan is a monster from the Old __:  TESTAMENT

Used in everything from toys to remote controls:  BATTERIES

Person/object the name of which you can’t remember:  THINGUMMY

This device joins two pieces of metal together:  CRIMPTOOL

Armpit perfume fights body odor:  DEODORANT

NASA mission sent to photograph Mercury:  MESSENGER

Secret Word: Venus Flytrap Sea Anemone

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CodyCross Under The Sea Group 40 Puzzle 5 Answers