CodyCross Inventions Group 55 Answers

CodyCross Inventions Answers

CodyCross Inventions Group 55 Answers, cheats and solutions. Welcome to CodyCross Inventions Group 55 Answers. A new game that is developed by Fanatee who is also known for creating the popular games like Letter Zap and Letroca Word Race. The concept of the game is very interesting as Cody has landed on planet Earth and needs your help to cross while discovering mysteries. Just Simply start completing the crossword puzzles by finding all the words and even one that is vertically revealed. As you find new word the letters will start popping up to help you find the the rest of the words. You can get Cody Cross only on iOS at the moment. We have finished solving all the CodyCross Inventions Group 55 Answers, cheats and solutions for all crossword puzzles and will provide you all the answers when you get stuck.

Please make sure to check all the puzzles below and try to match with your correct level. If you still can’t figure it out please comment below and will try to help you out.

CodyCross Inventions Group 55 Answers

CodyCross Inventions Group 55 Puzzle 1 Answers

Top Nfl Squad Known For Being Tough As Metal: steelers
Forest__, Stars In The Last King Of Scotland: whitaker
Something Very Fine That Can Break Easily: delicate
First Engine-powered __ Were Introduced In 1868: tractors
__ Pumpkins, Band Of Halloween Pranksters: smashing
Round Light Green Melon, Similar To The Cantaloupe: honeydew
An Animal That Feeds On Plants And Other Animals: omnivore
The First Particle __ Was Invented In 1911: detector
Sock Hung To Be Filled With Goodies On Christmas: stocking
Someone Who Repairs Machinery, Cars, Etc: mechanic
name Given To Popular Topics On Twitter: trending

CodyCross Inventions Group 55 Puzzle 2 Answers

Yellow French Sauce Similar To Tartar: remoulade
Shooting Game That Will Leave Stains: paintball
Bill Gates Started This Company: microsoft
Venus, But Not For The Greeks: aphrodite
Hypothetical Type Of Compact Exotic Star: quarkstar
Ukrainian City Affected By A Disaster In 1986: chernobyl
Pace At Which Those Marrying In Haste Repent: atleisure
Jewelry For Men; Used In Button Shirts: cufflinks
Loss Of Motor Function, Voluntary Movements: paralysis
Monet Painted Beach In __: pourville
Louisa __, American Author Of Little Women: mayalcott
Whims About Food: faddiness
The Song Of __, Dubbed The Brother Of Marseillaise: departure
Coast To Coast Us Bus Line: greyhound

CodyCross Inventions Group 55 Puzzle 3 Answers

Leif __, Icelandic Explorer Who 1st Reached America: erikson
Amphibian Native To A Mexican Lake: axolotl
The Capital Of Isle Of Man: douglas
Ditka’s “da Bears” Reside In This City: chicago
A Centenarian Is Someone Who Is One-__ Or Older: hundred
One-eyed Monster Of Greek Mythology: cyclops
Single-headed Phillipine Drum: dabakan
The Celebration Of Two People Getting Married: wedding
Someone Who Provides Foods For Events And Parties: caterer
Leave The Gun, Take The __: cannoli

CodyCross Inventions Group 55 Puzzle 4 Answers

Full Supply, More Than Enough: plenty
Greek And One Of The First Scientists In History: thales
Protein Found In Wheat; People Can Be Allergic: gluten
This City’s Bridge Is Falling In A Nursery Rhyme: london
Being That Is Deceased But Behaves Like It Is Alive: undead
The __ That Stole Christmas: grinch
__ Ball, Wartime Weapon; Ungraceful Dive: cannon
To Rise Against Constituted Authority: revolt
A Teacher, Someone Who Helps, Assists, Guides: mentor
__ Takei, Sulu On Star Trek, Social Media Star: george
Increase In Size, Volume, Extent: expand
Ignaz Semmelweis Is The __ Of Modern Antisepsis: father

CodyCross Inventions Group 55 Puzzle 5 Answers

Something Repulsive, Disgusting: revolting
South Florida 80s Crime Show With Don Johnson: miamivice
Chief Job That Masons Attribute To God: architect
Very Absorbent Towels May Be Made Of This: huckaback
Wave This To Show You Surrender: whiteflag
In Law, Honesty Of Intention: bonafides
They Needn’t Pay For Their Theatre Tickets: deadheads
Lengthy Legendary Family Feud: __ Vs. Mccoys: hatfields
Meat Browned, Stewed And Served In Its Sauce: fricassee
Theory Supported By The Idea Of Natural Selection: evolution
Small Marsupial, Like A Rat, Cousin To A Rabbit: bandicoot

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CodyCross Inventions Group 55 Answers